Indianapolis Colts
Colts helmet Colts
Helmet Logo
League NFL NFL
Conference AFC AFC
Division AFC South
Established 1953
Home field Lucas Oil Stadium
City Indianapolis, Indiana
Colts color uniform Colts white uniform
Color White
NFL 4†
1958 • 1959 • 1968†
1970 • 2006
Super Bowls
Lombardi Trophy logo gray 2
Conference Championship logo2 7
1958 • 1959 • 1964
1968 • 1970
2006 • 2009
1968 • 1970 • 1975
1976 • 1977 • 1987
1999 • 2003 • 2004
2005 • 2006 • 2007
2009 • 2010
2013 • 2014

The Indianapolis Colts are a professional football team based in Indianapolis, Indiana. They are members of the AFC South division of the American Football Conference (AFC) in the National Football League (NFL).

The club was officially founded in Baltimore, Maryland in 1953, but can trace its history to the Dayton Triangles, a founding member of the NFL that was originally created in 1913. After a series of changes, it assumed the "Baltimore Colts" name, replacing a previous team that folded in 1950. Playing at Baltimore's Memorial Stadium, the Colts became the first NFL team to have cheerleaders. The team then relocated to Indianapolis in 1984, first playing at the Hoosier Dome, which was then renamed the RCA Dome before moving to Lucas Oil Stadium in 2008.

The Colts won four NFL championships (three NFL Championships in 1958, 1959, 1968; and Super Bowl V in 1971) while in Baltimore. Since moving to Indianapolis, they won Super Bowl XLI in 2007. Also since 1998, the team has become the first in league history to win 12 games or more in five consecutive seasons—extending this record to seven after the 2009 season. The team headquarters and practice facilities are also located in Indianapolis.

NFL Team historyEdit


The Colts franchise was officially created in 1953, but its been debated the franchise can trace its history much earlier than that, to before the NFL actually began as the Dayton Triangles, a founding member of the NFL that was originally created in 1913.

In 1946, the bankrupt Miami Seahawks of the All-America Football Conference (AAFC) were purchased and relocated in Baltimore. As the result of a fan contest in Baltimore, the team was renamed the Baltimore Colts. The AAFC and NFL merged in 1950, and the Colts joined the NFL. However, the franchise folded after one NFL season. After fans in Baltimore protested, the NFL formed another Colts team out of the failed Dallas Texans for the 1953 season. Although debatable from a historical perspective, neither the Colts franchise or the National Football League consider the various incarnations as part of the modern Colts franchise.

While in Baltimore, the club won four NFL Championships, including Super Bowl V. Before the 1984 season, the Colts moved to Indianapolis for a new stadium. They were renamed the Indianapolis Colts, which they remain to this day.


League affiliations
NFL National Football League (1953-present)


AP Most Valuable Player Offensive Player of the Year Defensive Player of the Year Super Bowl MVP
1964 Unitas1 Johnny Unitas 1976 Painter1 Bert Jones 2007 Bob Sanders1 Bob Sanders 2006 PManning2 Peyton Manning
1967 Unitas1 Johnny Unitas 2004 PManning1 Peyton Manning
1967 BWhite1 Earl Morrall
1976 Painter1 Bert Jones
2003 PManning1 Peyton Manning
2004 PManning1 Peyton Manning
2008 PManning1 Peyton Manning
2009 PManning1 Peyton Manning

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